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Plywood cold press machine

ModelUnderneath TypeCylinder Up-Installed
Pressure400 ton400 ton
Board feeding directionCrosswiseCrosswise
Platen materialQ235 carbon steelQ235 carbon steel
Working platen size1370*2700mm1370*2700mm
Hydraulic pump pressure25Mpa25Mpa
Cylinder No.24
Pressure cylinderφ320mm*800mm*2φ320*800mm*2
Lifting cylinderNoφ63mm*2
Control typePLC controlPLC control


1.    The platen size/pressure/structure can be customized as customer’s requirement

2.    Automatic loading section can be added as customers’ requirement

3.    PLC automatic pump station control system, automatic pressing according to pre-settled information

4.    Reliable system design, hydraulic cylinder from Wuxi city, 30mm Q235 frame

5.    Siemens motor and Schneider electric appliance can be adopted


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