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Drum Chipper


Drum chippers are used to process long and short logs, wood pieces, saw mill waste, veneer waste, residual wood, and other wood waste to high-quality chips. Depending on the size and design of the drum chipper, the machine can be adjusted to the type of wood to be processed and the desired chip quality.

The most suitable chipper size is determined by the maximum trunk diameter to be processed and the desired production capacity. The desired chip length also influences the performance of the chipper.

Features, Function

· Large draw-in rollers for process-reliable wood feed at constant speed

· Pivoting feed system for automatic adjustment to loading height

· Hydraulic flywheel drive for consistent contact pressure and the damping of impacts

· Robust, well-balanced rotor

· Large flywheel inertia to compensate for short-term peak loads

· Generously dimensioned V-belt drive

· Startup process via Pony-motor to reduce spikes in power supply during acceleration of the rotor


· High machine availability

· Simple change of all knives and other wear parts

· Consistently high chip quality

· High throughput capacity at low fines content

· Low energy demand


· Profile of draw-in rollers optimally adjusted to type of wood

· Centrifugal wedge knife clamping system for semi-automatic knife changes

· Number of knives adjusted to desired chip length

· Interchangeable screens for the desired chip size

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