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Fiber Dealing System


The fibers are dried in a dryer pipe. The heating medium of the dryer is saturated steam. After passing through the heat exchanger, the hot air blows the wet fibers from the dryer pipe to the cyclone at the end of the pipe where the humid air is separated from the fibers and the fibers are dried to the desired moisture content of the process. A fireproof belt conveyor is installed at the outlet of the cyclone separator. Under normal conditions, the dried fibers are sent to a dry fiber silo by a pneumatic conveying device via fireproof belt conveyor. If fire alarm occurs, the fire belt conveyor automatically reverses the fiber to stop the fibers with barks entering the silo.


The Ruifeng range of products also includes turnkey plants for the drying of fibers. Wood fibers for MDF production require a drying process with extremely short residence times inside the tube dryer. Therefore, our directly- and indirectly-heated fiber dryers apply the principle of the flash tube dryer. Following the resin application in the blowline, the fibers are injected into the flash tube for drying. After only a few seconds in the cyclone they are discharged.

For this purpose, We have developed a new combination dryer: The burner is offered for a wide range of firing capacities and can practically be deployed in all dryer systems.

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