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Plywood Forming Machine

ModelPlywood Forming Machine
Working board size1220*2440mm
Lay-up head size3000*1300*1600mm
Conveyor size25*14m
Conveyor speed5-10m/min
Conveyor belt thickness6mm
Driven roller sizeφ320mm
Control typePLC control
Air cylinder2*φ200mm
Cylinder stoke200mm
Total power20kw


1. Sophisticated production, cutting with high precision, smooth operation, low failure rate, which will guarantee 100% effective cutting.

2.Veneer positioned accurately and stacked neatly, which achieves full automatic operation and saves time and labor.

3.High speed of board forming, saving raw material and improving production efficiency.

4.Reasonables structure of veneer, avoiding re-seam phenomenon occurring, and excellent production quality.

5.Long service life, simple operation, convenient to replace the blade, low cost.

6.Self-designed full automatic programmable logic controller system can be arbitrarily set cutting length and have the function

of production data storage memory, which is very convenient to grasp the production data and adjust the production plan time accordingly.

Brief introduction:

1.Our paving machine is divided into 3x6 feet and 4x8 feet.

2.It is used for multiply-board, building board, furniture board.

3.It can save cost, save materials, use fewer people, easy management.

4.Using a hydraulic computer control system, easy for operation.

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