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Hot Air Veneer Dryer

ModelBG1632-13 belt typeBG1633-13  roller   type
Veneer thickness0.6mm1.5mm
Veneer density550kg/m³550kg/m³
Initial moisture content80%80%
Final moisture content10%10%
Working width2650mm2800mm
Working decks2 layers3 layers
Length of heating section13*2000mm13*2000mm
Drying capacity3.7m³/h5.5m³/h
Conveyor motor3*7.5kw3*7.5kw
Hot air motor13*5.5kw13*7.5kw
 Cooler motor 7kw7kw


1.    Different drying capacity can be achieved by adding and leasing heating section.

2.    Net conveyor and roller conveyor can be placed together for the drying of core veneer and face veneer at same time.

3.    This type dryer can be connected with veneer peeling section, to achieve the automatic veneer production from logs till dried veneer.


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