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Multi Layer Hot Press Machine


Multi-layers hot press group includes automatic Loader, Unloader, Push &pull trigger device, Same time closing device and hot press. Production capacity may be varied from 3,000cbm to 200,000cbm according to customer’s request.


The heating medium is conduction oil. The hot press group is installed with a simultaneous closing device and a thickness gauge. Under the action of pressure and temperature, after a certain period of time, the adhesive is solidified and the slab is pressed into rough board with designed density. Cooled on the flap cooler, the rough board is cut to two pieces by a cross-cut saw, and then stacked for intermediate storage till the adhesive fully cured.

An exhaust hood is installed above the hot press, and the exhaust gas generated from the hot pressing is discharged to the outside by a cooling fan installed on the roof.



Main Technical Data:

Board width: 4, 6 ft

Board length: 8, 12, 16, 18 ft

Board thickness: 8-30 mm

Pressure of hot press: Max. 50,000 kN


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