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OSB Forming Machine


The mat forming system takes a key position within a complete production plant. Here, the technological requirements for optimal mat forming characteristics have to be implemented by mechanical engineering.

The dry silo installed at the upper part of the molding machine. The dried fibers are delivered via conveyor at bottom of the silo moves at a uniform speed to the outlet, and throw out by the drop roller to provide a horizontally uniform and continuous equal amount of flow to the paving head. The flow of Including fiber transportation, storage, molding, pre-pressing, slab sawing and conveying, hot pressing, flap cooling and other processes.

As the forming mat is loose and thick, to avoid mat breakage during transportation or damage caused by air blast when hot pressing, the pre-press must be equipped to squeeze air out and increase mat intensity.

The forming and press line is the process-determining system unit within a complete plant. As the centerpiece of a plant, the forming and press line sets the tone for the capacity and quality of the products.

In Ruifeng forming and press lines all components have been optimally coordinated with each other. The technical features of our mat forming machines, combined with the pre-press, guarantee a board with optimal technological properties.

Better performance of pre-pressing has mange advantages, such as to increase running efficiency, decrease working pressure of hot press, reduce density deviation, shorten curing time, thus to improve hot press capacity.

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