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Wood Panel Sanding Machine



1.The machine is designed for sanding primer paint after coating designed for a variety of flat products, especially wood-based tablet, by this machine sanding smooth finish, no white edges.

2.The body plate bending welding, heavy, stable, and annealed, long-term will not be deformed.

3. Belt operation with frequency control imported converter, for a variety of paint properties of the belt used in photoelectric control.

4.The feeding speed adopts stepless speed control(Frequency controller is optional). Table lifting adopts four-column lifting mechanism, without shaking, a small error.

5.Front and back double emergency knob, can control the machine to urgently stop within 3-5 Seconds.

6.Electric parts are all famous brand at home and abroad.



1. Faults Display fitted (sanding paper right and left deviation, inadequate air pressure, emergency knob, over thickness work piece). It’s easy to judge basic equipment trouble. Faults emergency stop adopts automatically descend protection facility, the panel surface won’t be damaged from emergency stop.

2.Conveyor speed adjusted by stepless speed control (frequency controller is optional), easy adjusting. It can be adjusted as per the work piece in processing to improve sanding quality.

3.Conveyor use marble material, its shape won’t be changed because of temperature.

Precision and grinding duration is higher than steel conveyor.

4.The safety device: On the control panel has an emergency stop button (latching), left and right side in the sand shelf containing two photoelectric switch; relay pressure in low pressure pneumatic system operation, equipped with disc brakes on the motor pulley to parking brake to ensure rapid emergency occurs.


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