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Short Cycle Press Group


How can a manufacturer of short-cycle presses position itself ideally in the market? On the one hand with excellent pressure distribution inside the press. Ruifeng scores in this area because we have effectively transferred our hot press expertise over to our short-cycle press technology. On the other hand, the focus is on reducing pressing and charging times to achieve maximum efficiency. With our latest short-cycle press generation we are faster than ever. Last but not least, the more diversified the press spectrum, the better customer requirements can be met. With three different short-cycle press concepts we provide our customers with custom solutions depending on their product spectrum and requirements. 

Technical Features:

· complete plants including transport, storage, and packing systems

· loader and unloader system, paper and panel lay-up area, camera system with alignment unit

· multiple press cylinders are arranged with shorter distances between them in length and cross direction for better pressure distribution

· individual hydraulic control of the press cylinders

· custom designed hot platens 

Customer benefits:

· improved surface quality

· optimized production processes and increased efficiency

Short Cycle Press Group

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