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Quality Control:

At Ruifeng machinery we are always striving to improve. We aim to provide our company with the best organizational and operational structure, which will enable us to boost customer satisfaction and maintain the long-term trust our consumers.

Our clients included hundreds of organization from sectors such as Brand/Dealer/Wholesaler/Gift Company/Trading Company/Sourcing Company/Amazon etc.


Customer service:


● technological consulting
● pre-investment studies including raw material and energy need calculations
● planning of complete production lines
● technological startups
● optimized production processes
● upgrading, expanding and modifying of existing plants
Customer benefits:
● minimal start-up periods
● quick startups
● steep ramp-up curves
● high plant efficiency
● full service concept


For our customers we develop transport concepts from A to Z, an all-around logistical worry-free package. Our customized logistics concepts include the organization and implementation of the complete logistics supply chain ranging from our worldwide suppliers to the plants of our customers.
Technical features:
● professional packing tailored to the needs of import customs clearances, the volume to be transported, and the assembly sequence 
● personal monitoring of transport chains
● complete storage planning ranging from the construction site to the delivery 
● implementation of storage planning by trained personnel on site
Customer benefits:
● long-standing, worldwide experience in machine and plant engineering
● competent, reliable, and competitive service
● support in drawing up the necessary documentation and assistance with customs clearance in the country of destination


Ruifeng machinery supplies all plant components for the installation on the basis of detailed assembly, procedural and personnel plans. We focus our attention and resources on supervising and supporting the customer's assembly team.
● generation of detailed assembly, personnel and procedural plans
● determining materials, tools and due dates 
● assisting of the customer's assembly team
● coordinating the entire project on site
Customer benefits:
● quick assembly processes
● on-schedule production starts
● transparency among all participants
● binding agreements between suppliers, customers, and Ruifeng.
● monitoring of time and cost schedule

Start Up:

Every customer is interested in the quick startup of its plant. A quick transition to regular production means a timely amortization of the plant. Our Ruifeng experts ensure this. The mechanical, electrical as well as technological startups are carried out by our specialists in a professional manner and in cooperation with the customer.
● mechanical, electrical, and technological startup
● quick ramp-up of the plant
● practice-oriented training of the operating personnel
Customer benefits:
● short start-up times
● steep and stable ramp-up curves
● impeccable board quality
● cost savings


Ruifeng Machinery , founded in 1993, is one for wood-based panel machinery manufacturers in China. After several years of hard work and innovation, we have formed our own brand. The products are sold well in our country and many of them are exported to over 20 countries and areas of Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe. With reliable product quality and excellent service we have gained a strong reputation among our customers.

Linyi Ruifeng Machinery Factory