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Wood Chips Rotary Dryer


Ruifeng Machinery supplies turnkey plants for the drying of wood particles, designs and builds drum dryers according to individual customer requirements.

Technical features:

Water evaporation capacities from 10 to over 40 t/h.

Drying capacities of 10 to more than 40 t/h bone dry material.

Single path drum dryers with and without drop box.

Drum sizes of 4,000 to over 6,500 mm.

Direct heating by means of modern burning chambers and single or multi-fuel burners for dust, gas, and oil.

Direct heating by means of flue gases from energy plants (e.g., grate furnace) or via turbine exhaust gases.

Customer benefits:

Energy savings.

High material throughputs.

Gentle handling of strands.

Reduce investment because of lower installation elevation of Dryer.

Less emission.

Easy adjustment for different material.

Automatic cleaning for main fan.

Prevention of material jamming in pipe and cyclone.

Empty drum without rotation of main fan, better for plant safety.

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